Ozone Therapy

NENH is happy to announce that as of January 2017, we are now offering medical ozone therapy as a service to our patients.

For the published literature on the safety and efficacy of medical ozone, please see the databank of more than 3,000 peer reviewed articles from investigators around the world at the website for the American Academy of Ozone Therapy. To see Dr. Corrie’s blog post on the science behind ozone, click here.

Ozone therapy is a safe, gentle, inexpensive and effective method of healing damaged or stressed tissues. Ozone is effective for several types of conditions:

  • Common colds: nasal and ear applications are used to stimulate the immune system and kill the infection directly
  • Memory decline/brain fog: nasal application to deliver oxygen directly to the blood flow to the brain
  • Anti-aging: ozone gas is administered to the GI tract where the large blood supply delivers super-charged oxygen to all of the tissues of the body; athletes around the world use this treatment to oxygenate tissues prior to comeptition
  • GI infections/IBS/IBD: ozone gas is administered to the GI tract to kill infections and stimulate healing of the tissues
  • Skin conditions: the area is isolated with either a bag or a cup and ozone gas is introduced to the lesion, encouraging the immune system to heal wounds, psoriatic plaques, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and other conditions; ozonated olive oil can also be used as a topical treatment for these conditions
  • Chronic injuries/diabetic neuropathies or ulcers: the limb is “bagged” with ozone gas and taken up into the tissues across the skin to deliver badly-needed oxygen to areas with little circulation

Please note that for many of these conditions, other therapies must also be utilized, but the ozone application increases the effectiveness and speediness of these therapies.

We are now scheduling ozone treatments with Tammy all day on Tuesdays and in February we will add Thursdays as well.

Ashley, our Medical Assistant, can administer the simple nasal and ear treatments anytime she is in the office, but we still request that you schedule the treatment through the front desk with Annalisa or Danielle so that the room does not get double-booked.

This therapy is available to those who are not patients of NENH, though a Consent for Treatment must be signed before the ozone treatment can be received.

The cost of each ozone treatment is $30 and the patient is responsible for materials needed to administer the treatment. Materials include items that are labeled with the patient’s name and re-used at subsequent treatments and range from $1 to $15.